Embrace your masculinity, kill your hesitation and become a man of iron body and will
Our platform is designed to keep you motivated and focused on your purpose through consistent and methodical changes. We have three modules: body, mind and spirit that are designed by professionals that chase excellence in their own sphere
Personally Max is from Kherson, Ukraine - currently occupied by Russia. Max has not missed a single workout this year, in spite of war, outside pressure, explosions and animosity. You will not find a more stoic and dedicated trainer in your life that will give you a much needed tough love to push you to a next level.

Athletes that trained under Maxim won over 12 national and international championships, while they all started as casual amateurs. Max will make you fall in love with sports, while simultaneously encouraging and yelling at you.
Maxim - professional sports coach that turned out of shape amateurs into body building athletes that competed in national and international championships
Years of chasing excellence in professional sports and fitness
People were
transformed under Max
Trained amateurs that participated
and won international championships
Test the limit of your body against our unique medal system. Each medal has its own unique set of challenges and tasks that you will need to accomplish. Pick the medal that will move you to the next level and start training for it.

You can submit once per month successfully completed and recorded physical challenges for an appropriate medal. Upon approval, you will get a certificate with a signed autograph by our trainers and the ability to order a real medal.
Bronze medal (12 min time 2 exercises)
21.15.9 the decreasing regression approach
21 squats (40 kg)
+ 21 pull-ups
+ 15 squats (40 kg)
+ 15 pull-ups
+ 9 squats (40 kg)
+ 9 pull-ups
Silver medal (20 min - 20 rounds)
5 pull-ups
+ 10 push-ups
+ 15 squats
Gold medal (3 Rounds for time)
3 Muscle- Ups
15 burpees
10 pull ups
800m Run
Time cap: 30 min.
Platinum medal (60 min)
1 mile run (1600m)
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups from the floor
300 self-weight squats
1 mile run
Onyx medal - 30 min (Linda)
Deadlift 150% weight
Chest press 100% of weight
Frontal squat 75%
Strong mind would seek out challenges and get out of the comfort zone, while a weak mind would try to find a million excuses not to do a bare minimum.

We are prisoners of our own limitations. We designed a gradual program that will assist you to cut out unnecessary noise, build discipline and lifestyle that will support your goals and purpose.
The most powerful tool in the arsenal that man possesses is his Mind.
Let's be honest - majority of us could use more discipline, exercises and healthy nutrition.

We primarily focus for the first month on creating more disciplined and healthy lifestyle for our customers. Second month and there after is all about gradually increasing intensity, setting up target goals and a medal to go after.

Join our unique program that would provide you with daily and weekly work outs and challenges, as well as medal system to strive for.
Our body is the most important and often neglected tool in our Arsenal.
A strong man that is aligned well in life is a force to be reckoned with, while alternatively a weak man is willing to sacrifice everything he has for a momentary benefit.

We believe that it is impossible to have a strong spirit, drive or purpose in life if you possess a weak body or mind.

Our spirit program is a compilation of extracts and teachings of stoic philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius, Frederick Nietzhe, Carl Young but are more translated and referenced to a real world that is today.
This section is designed to help men find a purpose and align themselves.
per month
Weekly Group QNA and Motivational Calls
Daily Workout credit by trainer from scratch
24 Lessons over 26 weeks to transform yourself
Basic body and nutrition program
Unique system that focuses on changing lifestyle
All of the member plan plus
Personalized fitness and nutrition program in accordance to your AGE, BMI, Hormonal Levels, etc
Personalized fitness and nutrition program in accordance to your AGE, BMI, Hormonal Levels, etc
Weekly small group (3-4 people) calls with Trainer
All of the above plus
Weekly individual calls with Max and Daily calls with junior trainer
Motivational pick-me-up
per month
per month
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Limited offer until 11/01/22
By submitting an application, you agree to the
privacy policy and the accident and liability waiver form
By submitting an application, you agree to the
privacy policy and the accident and liability waiver form
Now I'll tell you about a cool trainer! His name is Maxim. He devoted more than 20 years of his life to the sport. Throughout this time he was learning something new, each year he became more qualified in his field.

Many hours in the gym and a lot of learning information gave Maksim the opportunity to become the best trainer in his city. On his account, a lot of people were able to find a beautiful figure and a love for sports. Max is a very intelligent, demanding, and responsible coach. All who seek his help always get a great result! HE IS A FAN OF HIS JOB! And these all say it all. If you do it, you should do it with dedication. Discipline, self-presentation, persistence, and the desire to be better than yesterday.

Maxim is the coach you'll go back to! He is very demanding and strict! He knows how to find an approach to each person, he trains and will lead you to your goals! He is a motivational man! He motivates not only himself but also his mentee. Maxim is responsible, persistent, straightforward, and demanding!

This is a coach who works not because of the money he receives from clients, but because of his passion, his life, and his pleasure, and he does everything to ensure that the person reaches his or her goals. He will never let you give up and give up. He will always support you! Maxim is very attentive to each person and he chooses the training process and nutrition for each ward very intelligently, which without any doubt will lead to the desired result. Maxim has a tremendous amount of experience, while always striving and evolving. He teaches how to be strong not only physically but also mentally, teaches how to be goal-oriented, hardy, and concentrated. Maxim gives himself completely and devotes the maximum amount of his time to his mentee!

This is the man who raised me to be an athlete, a competitive athlete. He showed and taught me discipline, dedication in training, and diet. He has such skill as to deliver information to you correctly and understandably, to set you precise goals.

Max is demanding and categorical, you either work hard or do not waste each other's time, no one will babysit you here, so to speak)) and at the same time, he is worried about you, nervous, and goes through all the stages of preparation, even if you are led remotely. Max's wealth of knowledge and practice, gives you the results
We are not built overnight. Our character and actions are built over years and each of us has a different path.

Do not look at others, do not look up, or compete with vacuous celebrities or influencers. Compete with yourself from yesterday.
Personal Trainer
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